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We Take your health seriously by following CDC Guidelines

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Horizons of Hope Home Care Agency

We provide service and support activities which are focused on helping adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities build increasingly healthy, independent lives.  We create individualized programs that combine personal choice and community integration with professional oversight, family involvement, and stability.

We provide an array of residential and community-based programs that promote learning and growth.  We believe that anything is possible with the right supports.


Care Provided

Companion Services

Home Health Companions makes it easier for you to remain at home when daily living challenges occur or your health changes. We are advocates for your well-being, and we help your family select the appropriate level of care, when and where it’s needed.

Mobility & Transfer Assistance

Better mobility increases a senior's overall quality of life. Moving around without pain or discomfort enables the elderly to lead a more active life, exercise regularly, and age in place independently.

Light Housekeeping & Household Tasks

Cleaning their home can be difficult for older adults due to inability to reach high places or difficulty moving for long periods of time. Cleaning help for seniors can vary in levels of service .

Transportation, Daily Tasks, & Appointments

For many seniors, getting out to attend community events, see friends, run errands and visit healthcare professionals is part of living the highest quality of life. We understand that maintaining independence is important.

Medication & Appointment Scheduling

Scheduling and getting to and from these appointments can be difficult. Elderly patients have difficulty hearing or understanding a doctor’s recommendations, or may be uncomfortable asking clarifying questions which can prevent them from having a productive medical appointment.

Meal Planning, Preparation, & Clean up

We offer meal planning and preparation services for our clients to ensure they are regularly eating nutritious and delicious meals in the comfort of their own home.


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Hyper Best 2019

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Int Mega Std 2020

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Power XR2 2019

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Hyper Best 2021

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Testament to Care

The staff are both incredibly helpful and, extremely caring. I don't have any family left. I'm very thankful I found Horizons

Peter Johse Patient

I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say how impressed I was with the service your company provides.

Clara Manik Family Member

Thank you so much for being so efficient and super-friendly, I will certainly recommend your company to anyone I know lookin to care for there elderly family.

Albert William Family Member

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